Dear Pet Shop Owner or Groomer,

Thank you for taking the time to flip through our catalog. We appreciate you considering us for your wholesale pet medication needs. Our mission is to offer all of our customers great products that they know and love at great prices, and to provide lightning-fast, free shipping!

General Distributing is a small, family-owned and family-run pet supply distributor that has been in business for over a decade. Since we opened shop back in 2001, we have mastered our small operation. We take great pride in the quality of service that we offer and are happy to boast that 99.9 percent of all orders ship the same day. On top of that, we guarantee our entire product line. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, return the product, and we will credit your account or give you your money back! Ever wanted to put a new type of flea control on the shelf, but didn’t want to take the risk of it not selling? Now you can!

Since this company was started, we have been through ups and downs like any other small business. One thing that we have learned surviving through the adversity of this industry, and the challenging state of our national economy, is that we wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. We are grateful for your business. If you have any questions about our pet products wholesale catalog, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, fax, or email.


Chuck and Mike