Proper Flea Medicine Dosage

Flea medicine is extremely effective when it comes to ridding your house of irritating pests torturing your pet! However, be sure that you are using the proper dosage and are applying the medication correctly. If not, it’s possible to poison your pet and make them extremely sick. The Flea Killer Guys, your number one pet supply distributor, are here today to tell you about the signs of pyrethrin and pyrethroid toxicity in dogs.

What Are the Symptoms of Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid Poisoning?

These chemicals are insecticides that are specifically used to treat flea and tick problems on pets. While they are usually safe in small doses, they can cause serious problems when applied incorrectly. These toxins can affect a dog’s nervous system and lead to the following symptoms:

  • Allergies – These reactions show as hives, itching, sensitivity, shock, itching, breathing troubles, and possibly death.
  • Mild Reactions – These reactions are small, like salivating more than usual, paw flicking, ear twitching, one instance of vomiting and/or diarrhea, and mild depression.
  • Serious Reactions – These reactions are more serious, and your pet should immediately be taken to a vet. They include repeated instance of vomiting and diarrhea, depression, loss of coordination, and muscle tremors.

Treatment and Care

If you suspect that your pet is experiencing an adverse reaction to their flea medication, pay attention to the severity of the symptoms. If they are just salivating excessively and having ear twitches, these should pass. If they do not, give them a bath at home with mild hand-dishwashing detergent.

Should the symptoms continue and become more severe, take your pet to their vet immediately! If the effects are serious, your pet will likely need to be stabilized on fluids and have their body temperature monitored. Once they determine that your pet is stable, your pet will need a warm bath with dish soap to clean away the rest of the flea medicine.

Prevention of Poisoning

When you are meticulous about applying your flea-control products, you are much less likely to see a negative reaction in your pet. The correct dose for most sprays is typically one or two pumps per pound of body weight. You can always spray your products onto a grooming brush and work it through the coat. Make sure not to get any into your pet’s mouth! Also, make sure that dog products are only used on dogs; the same goes for cats. Even if the weight is correct, the product you choose can cause negative effects in an animal it was not intended for.

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When applied correctly, flea medication is an extremely effective way to rid your house of pests and ease your pet’s suffering. Following the directions exactly is a wonderful way to make sure your pet stays safe. For a pet supply distributor you can trust, be sure to shop The Flea Killer Guys! We have everything you need for the animals in your life, regardless of whether you’re a pet owner, a veterinarian, a groomer, or a pet store owner. Take a look at our wholesale products today!