Can Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

Fleas are terrible but fascinating insects. They can jump up to 100 times their height and can sometimes be small enough to fit in the small openings in a screen door. What this means is, yes, a flea might be able to get into your home and affect your indoor cat!

Anyone can bring fleas into the home. It’s very easy for a flea to hitch a ride on your pants or bag and come right into your cozy house! Soon, the flea will start nibbling on your poor cat and begin laying eggs around your home. These eggs hatch and grow into adult fleas that will continue to harass your cat, and these fleas can eventually lead to anemia or even a tapeworm infection.


Make sure you find a good, reputable brand of flea prevention products to use on your cat. Consult with a veterinarian if you aren’t sure which brand will work best. Just make sure you check to make sure you are giving your cat the proper dosage and are administering the product properly!


In order to prevent a flea infestation, check your cat every day for fleas. Check for flea eggs and excrement that will look like pepper on your cat’s fur. Also, be sure to clean your home frequently and empty your vacuum cleaner when you’re done vacuuming for the day. If your cat sneaks out occasionally, shop our spot treatment prevention products to prevent a flea from latching on.

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