How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth


We know that you love your dog, which is why you want to make sure that his teeth are well taken care of! However, many dog owners aren’t totally sure how to approach brushing their dog’s teeth. Luckily, we, at The Flea Killer Guys, offer wholesale pet products, including oral health items, to make cleaning your dog’s smile that much easier. In the meantime, be sure to check out these tips to make brushing time as painless as possible:

Find the Right Time

Who wants to brush their dog’s teeth when they are all riled up? It’s important to choose a time to brush when your dog is most calm and relaxed. Try to set up a daily routine for brushing, but if you can’t, even three days a week can make a huge difference! When you set up a daily routine, your dog will know when to expect brushing and what will happen. After a little while, they may even enjoy it!

Find the Right Tools

Be sure you use a toothbrush made for dogs and not for humans! Their toothbrushes are usually softer and angled to accommodate their mouth shape. Finger brushes work well for little dogs, but bigger dogs are going to need a brush with a longer handle so you can reach all their teeth. Be sure to find dog toothpaste as well! These usually come in flavors your dog will find delicious, such as chicken or peanut butter. Human toothpaste can harm their stomachs, so be sure to only use the dog-friendly kind!

Get Comfortable

Make sure both you and your dog are in a comfortable position before brushing. Holding him down or taking a threatening stance can frighten your dog and make brushing a scary time. Instead, do your best to sit or kneel in front of him and see how anxious he is. If he seems too anxious, try again later. Otherwise, it won’t be fun for either of you!

Test the Gums

Your dog may not be willing to let you touch his mouth; test this ahead of time. Rub your finger along the gumline and teeth so he can get used to the feeling of something rubbing there. Be patient, as this step may take a few sessions before your dog is really ready for the toothbrush and paste. Also, feel free to let your pup try the toothpaste. Once he knows that he enjoys the flavor, the whole brushing process may be delicious and enjoyable to him!

Be Reassuring

When it’s finally time to brush, brush gently and speak encouragingly to your dog. Let him know that he’s such a good boy and that you are very proud of him. We are sure he will understand your praise!

Shop The Flea Killer Guys

For oral health supplies and other wholesale pet products, remember to shop The Flea Killer Guys! Brushing your dog’s teeth is extremely important and can keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come. Best of luck!