Keeping Breeders Supplied

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Not so cute if they’re harboring fleas!

If you are a dog or cat breeder, you know better than most people how rewarding it can be to bring up adorable puppies or kittens in your own home. You also know how chaotic and messy the life of a breeder can be. But with wholesale pet products from the Flea Killer Guys, you can make sure your home is always clean, functional, and stocked with the medications, treatments, and grooming supplies you need to do the work of a breeder.

Avoid Disastrous Outbreaks

If one of your animals introduces fleas into your house, the consequences could be detrimental to your home and business. The last thing you want is a full-blown infestation while you’re bringing up and trying to sell kittens or puppies. The Flea Killer Guys can provide you with wholesale Frontline, Advantix, and other brand name treatments to protect against such a nightmare.

Clean Puppies, Clean Home

We also provide wholesale pet products that will help keep your animals clean. From oral hygiene to bathing to holistic pet health products, we have what you need to raise animals that are washed, healthy, and happy. Having clean animals will also go a long way toward keeping the rest of your home spotless, in turn setting the stage for a better experience for the buyers that visit you.

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With a wide range of wholesale pet meds and supplies, we are the pet product distributors you can count on for fast reliable service, competitive pricing, and free shipping on all orders. There is no minimum order, allowing you to get exactly what you need to make your home breeding operation a success!