Methods of Flea Control

Fleas aren’t any fun for a dog or his owner, so make sure you know how to treat them! It’s much easier to prevent fleas from harassing your dog than it is to take care of an existing flea issue, so be sure to choose a prevention method that works best for you and your pup. There are several types of prevention and treatment methods on the market today, including collars, sprays, and oral medication. With these options, which is the best? Your premier choice for wholesale pet products has the answers!

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are available in brands like Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix. These come in a liquid that you apply to your pet’s back once a month. These treatments are excellent at killing existing pests and preventing any from hopping onto your pet in the future.

Spray Treatments

Sprays will kill fleas and ticks as soon as they are exposed which makes them great for both treatment and prevention. Be cautious of the ingredients of a spray, however, as some contain alcohol and can lead to negative side effects in both you and your pet. However, sprays work well when combined with topical medications. Just be sure to read the directions thoroughly before providing treatment to your pet.

Oral Treatments

Sometimes oral medications work best! These medications ensure that the entirety of your pet in covered, while a spray or spot treatment could miss some sections. However, some oral medications are specialized and are mainly for ticks or fleas. As with any medication, check how much you should give your pup to keep him healthy and safe.

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