How to Prevent Fleas from Entering Your Home

If you are a pet owner, you understand how horrible fleas can be to deal with. Infestations can take anywhere from weeks to months to get rid of! However, if you are cautious and plan ahead for flea prevention, you should be able to make your home as uninviting as possible to these pests. Here…read more

Can Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

Fleas are terrible but fascinating insects. They can jump up to 100 times their height and can sometimes be small enough to fit in the small openings in a screen door. What this means is, yes, a flea might be able to get into your home and affect your indoor cat! Anyone can bring fleas…read more

How Do Flea Collars Work?

Fleas and ticks can be anything from a minor nuisance to a big problem for a pet and his owner! Make sure you are prepared this season with flea collars from The Flea Killer Guys. You know that high-quality flea collars work in preventing tick and flea bites, but how exactly do they work? Many…read more